About Us

ACTAXS is owned by Augustine cooperation. We help to solve taxing problems by providing an excellent taxing solutions for independent contractors, freelancers, small and large business owners and personal income tax.

We render quality service through the help of our experienced and dedicated staffs. We also ensure that your task information is safe and secure with us. You can also reach us as soon as possible and we respond immediately, all you need to do is to provide us with your information and how we can provide taxing solution services to you.

ACTAXS also provide taxing advisory services to our clients this will serve as a guide on what package you should go for while using our services.

For more information, enquiries or questions about ACTAXS, Kindly send an email to contact@actaxs.com or call us on 8007216504.

Prepare and E-File Your State & Federal Tax Return for $40 each

ACTAXS State & Federal Return
You pay: $40 for each